I can’t help but wonder

I can’t help but wonder,
For my one hour of utter bliss and peace, 
how many minds are bubbling with anxiety? 
Is it worth to get what I want in return of a million unheard pleas?

While I eat till my stomach hurts,
Who is tossing in their bed, starving?
While I sit amongst my next to kin,
Whose family is parting?

This thought makes me agitated, 
Keeps me awake at nights,
While I am allowed the freedom of expression,
Who is deprived of their rights?

Does it make you curious?While you sleep soundly in your bed, While you dream of the happier days, Someone is insomniac, with demons in their head,

Does it make you nervous? 
While you succeed in your life, 
While you are absorbed in your happily ever after, 
Someone else is caught up in a never ending strife.